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Welcome To Pat's Kitten and Cat links, and Kitten and Cat Stores Page

Cat and Kitten Links:

Fine Pet Portraits in Pencil or Pastel: UK-based artist draws your pet from a good photo in pastel or pencil. Affordable artwork for everyone. A unique gift for any pet lover. Satsifaction guaranteed! Any animal welcome.

Animal Search : AnimalSearch is a family-safe search engine for animal related web sites.

We for Animals : We For Animals - Useful resources for animal lovers and pet owners, such as, dog names, dog breeds, animal hospitals, ambulance, vets and animal welfare organizations. Informative and interesting articles. Beautiful pictures of dogs, birds, butterflies, insects, wild animals, flowers and more. Inspirational quotes by great people

Best Cat Tips: Find answers to a wide variety of cat care and cat health questions!

Advanced Dog Collars for Pets Dog Collars, Cat Collars, Pet Collars for Dogs, Cats

Best Cat Art :All that is best in cat art. Cat art prints, posters, calendars, figurines and great gift ideas for you and your cat loving friends.

Manx Cats & Kittens - Vagary Mews Manx Cats: Manx cats, kittens, breeders and tailless cat information in North Carolina.

Cat Art by Christa - Fun & furry original cat art and acrylic paintings by Christa Esquitin.

Happy Household Pet Cat Club - an international organization whose membership is open to all feline lovers.

Pet Portraits by Cherie - Realistic pet portrait drawings of dogs, cats, parrots, horses and other exotic pets.

Bloomington Cat Hospital - Cat health services include declawing, diagnostics, vaccinations, dental care, and more

Hoosier Kitties - Resource links for you about your cat, such as behavior links, nutrition links, declawing links, and more.

Scorpeo's Web - Breeders, clubs, and rescue forums, as well as a page devoted to cat links on various topics.

http://www.crayzee.com/tonks/links/index.cfm Cat Links - Website lists cat links in dozens of categories, including art, shows, associations, and by breeds.

Harry's Cat Links for Cat People - Real cat resources. Not just somebody else's cute cat stories.

Cat Poster - The place to find posters and prints of your favorite feline friends.

Nice Kittens Home Page: A collection of wonderful kittens topics!

Personal Cat Links:


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