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Free Wallpaper for your Computer

Free Wallpaper for Your Computer Desktop

Premierphotographer.com is pleased to offer you free desktop wallpapers of our photographer’s images. The images below are the exquisite work of Pat McNulty. All of these photographs may be purchased on our website.

Definition of wallpaper: A graphic image that serves as a background for a Web page or for a computer operating system's screen.

If you have Windows, you can use any of my photograph's for your computer wallpaper.

Just select an image, click on the thumbnail to enlarge
( horizontal pictures fit on your desktop better),
then click the right button on your mouse, and choose "Set as Wallpaper", or "Set as Background".

To save any image simply right click your mouse button while on the full size image and select "Set as Background" in Internet Explorer or select "Set as Wallpaper" in Netscape.

Once a picture is set as wallpaper on your computer, you have three options on how it looks.
Go to your start button
click on settings and then control panel
then click on Display icon
Under background file, just under the word "Display", there are 3 options:
Stretch, Center, and Tile
Stretch - good for horizontal pictures
Center - good for vertical and horizontal pictures.
Tile - makes several tiles of one picture on your computer screen.
Then click on "Apply" and then "OK"
Try them and see which you like best.

Hope you enjoy...

We would like to thank you for visiting the Premierphotographer.com Web site by giving you for FREE Pat McNulty's photography wallpaper. We do ask that you please tell a few friends who would enjoy these beautiful pictures.

FREE Wallpaper