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C898 Santa Claus

Santa Claus

Breathtaking Santa Claus picture that allows you to create a unique home that will refresh and uplift your soul.

Please keep in mind this is a low resolution scan, the actual prints are stunning!

Santa Claus
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Easy to frame fine art photography.
8x10 ( $ 34.95 ) 11x14 ( $ 44.95 ) 12x18 ( $ 59.95 ) 16x20 ( $ 74.95 )

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This photograph is unique and is individually signed by the photographer, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. In addition, each purchase includes two articles entitled Framing and Arranging Artwork, and How to Frame Like a Pro. The finished print is ready for framing, and makes a wonderful gift idea. This is a great opportunity to own a stunning piece of original artwork, which can enhance and personalize your home.

  • This is a breathtaking picture that can uplift and refresh your home
  • Quality, high-resolution glossy prints
  • Individually signed by fine art photographer Pat McNulty
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • Individually signed by fine art photographer Pat McNulty
  • Wonderful gift idea for a friend or loved one
  • The finished print is ready for framing
  • Free Shipping and Handling, regardless of how many pictures you buy
  • Comes with two articles entitled Framing and Arranging Artwork, and How to Frame a Picture Like a Pro

How To Save Lots Of Money:
Frame It
Yourself And Personalize Your Home  

Nothing says, "this is a put-together room" like artwork. Artwork can enhance a theme or mood, bring a needed pop of color to bare walls or define a focal point. Yet, so often it is the last thing people purchase. It may be because people think art is so expensive. True, paintings and water color originals can be pricey. But a good, less expensive yet aesthetically pleasing, way to have art in your life is through prints and photography. Many people purchase the already printed and framed art work at stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Michaels and Hobby Lobby. The problem is it looks like that is what you did. It is hard to find generic art which matches your unique taste and décor style without it looking, well generic. There is a better way which can still save you money. Frame it yourself.

It just makes sense. Think about your wardrobe. You take purchased pieces off the rack and combine them with other pieces and accessories to make your own statement. Why not do the same with the walls in your home? Here's how.

You can purchase quality unframed prints and photographs directly from fine art photographer Pat McNulty. He offers pictures of flowers, lighthouses, horses, kittens, puppies, butterflies, castles, covered brides, scenic landscapes, waterfalls, deer, animals and classic cars. Once you find the ones you want, head to the craft store's framing department. There you will have two choices.

Option One: if the photo or print is a regular size ( 8x10, 11x14,) you can purchase ready-made frames, inner frames for a formal look, already cut acid-free matting, even the type of glass you'd like. UV and non glare may be a touch more money, but it will save your art work from fading. Then, like pieces of your wardrobe, you assemble them into the statement you want to make.

Option Two: you can have a frame shop frame and mat it for you. The customer service representative will help you choose frames, mats, glass and the size that will compliment the picture and your home. While this is more expensive because they custom cut everything, it can still be cheaper than buying already framed, matted and glassed original art from a gallery.

For professional quality, photographs from a truly artistic eye in standard sizes, browse through picture galleries at www.premierphotographer.com Pat McNulty's photographs are unique and individually signed by fine art photographer , and comes with a certificate of authenticity. In addition, each purchase includes two articles entitled "How To Frame Like A Pro" and "Framing and Arranging Artwork". The finished print is ready for framing and makes a wonderful gift idea. Whether framing it yourself or taking it to a frame shop, you are choosing something that will be unique to you and will match your home, in addition to the personal satisfaction you'll experience as being part of this creative project. Soon, you will have your own individual style framed on your walls, as unique as your wardrobe. Your friends will think you spent mega bucks on art.

When an order is placed that picture will be individually printed for you. It will be personally signed by the artist Pat McNulty. There is no risk to you because of Pat's guarantee. You will receive a wonderful home shopping experience, while enhancing the beauty of your home. Buy with confidence! 100% Money Back Guarantee or you will receive a complete and immediate refund of your full purchase price for a full 60 days (including return postage). No questions asked. Once your order is placed, we will process the photos promptly to ensure timely home delivery to you. Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Goal.


Let me tell you how pleased I am with 'Abrams Falls'. This photograph is displayed in my office. The contrast between the powerful waterfall and the serene setting is perfect. This piece is perfectly lit and framed. It allows me to get away from the stress of a workday.--Bob Keck, KY

The photographs were excellent. The pictures are sharp & colorful. They look even better than what I saw on the website. Mr McNulty is and excellent photographer who I will definitely use in the future. --Scott Huntington, UT

Exceptional quality. The photo will certainly enhance the look of the room it is going in. Don Schlich, NY

I purchased your photo as a gift and once it was framed. It was absolutely stunning. Thank You! My friend loved it. Lisa Dinga, IN

Simply beautiful We loved the butterfly on-line, however on-line views do not begin to do your pictures justice. The colors are so vibrant and the clarity is wonderful. You have a great talent and the patience of a saint. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. Jone Sweeney, NC

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