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How To Pick A Feng Shui House

by: Henry Zhang

Back door points to the front door

If you can see the back door of your house while standing at the front door, then the homeowner will be unable to accumulate fortune and there will be tension in the family. The solution for this problem is to put a screen in the middle of the house, or otherwise divide the center of the room. Another option is to move the back door.

Irregular Room

Rooms should be shaped in a rectangle or a square. However, a lot of houses on the market have rooms where the shape is irregular. Sometimes a corner of the room is missing such as shown in the following picture. This type of room is a mistake according to Feng Shui design. The homeowner will have different problems depending on the direction of the corner. The solution is to paint that wall in warm colors or put some flowers in that corner.

The base of a house

There are a lot of houses are not built on a flat piece of land. The house should be built on a level plane. But it is better for the front of the house to be built on a low point, and the back to be built on a high point than for the front to be built on a high point and the back on a low point.

Dead End of a Road

Feng Shui means wind and water. Water is a very important factor in Feng Shui design. In the countryside, water means rivers, lakes, or creeks. In the city, water means a road. A house sitting in the end of a dead-end road is the worst situation in Feng Shui.

Door Direction

A door is like the mouth and nose of a house. It brings the air, or Chi, into the house. The door size should always match the size of the house. If the house is big then the door should be big, and vice versa.

If the door points to the southeast, the living room should have a lot of light, and the living room should be painted white.

If the door points to east, the living room should not be too bright. It should not have windows on three walls, or it will be bad for the men living in the house.

If the door points to the southwest, the living room should not be too big, and the color of the living room should be white, yellow, or light brown.

If the door points to the north, the living room should not be too big or the owner will have lawsuits and te house is easy to catch fire.

If the door points to the south, the living room should be painted in cool colors, or the owner will have financial problems.

If the door points to the northeast, the living room should have a lot of furniture. The furniture should be pretty large furniture. The color should be brown.

If the door points to northwest, the living room should be in a rectangular shape. It should be very wide, but not very deep. The color should be green or you should put a lot of green plants in the room.

If the door points to the west, the living room color should be in yellow.

Ceiling height

The ceiling should be high. Low ceilings will affect the homeowner's emotions. Low ceilings cause depression and low efficiency in work.

Aisle Position

The aisle or hallway should never be in the middle of the house and cut the house into half. This kind of house has the worst Feng Shui.

The shape of a house

The middle of the northern and southern points of the house should not be further in than the other walls in the house. Otherwise, the owner will be sick and will be plagued with lawsuits. If the middle of the east and west sides of the house are further in than the rest of the wall, then the owner's career will have problems.

The position of kitchen and restroom

When you walk into a house, you should always see the living room first. If you can see the kitchen or restroom, do not buy the house. The owner will have very bad luck living in a house like this.

About The Author
Henry Zhang

I have been studying Feng Shui and Chinese Yi Jing for over 10 years. I also work as a management consultant and the owner of Hinky Import at www.hinkyimport.com, which is a Tibetan and Chinese gift store.

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