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Designer Style Without The Price Tag Using Feng Shui


The ancient art of Feng Shui teaches you to correctly place items in a room to maximize it's aesthetic appeal, balance, and harmony.

The end result when you have applied simple Feng Shui rules is more often than not comparable to the finished product of custom interior design work. If you want to give your home a designer look without the designer price tag associated with a professional consulant or indeed if you feel you lack the 'creative flair' necessary, let Feng Shui help.

With a few simple and affordable changes to your home - it will look and feel as serene and pleasant as possible.

As Feng Shui is as much about the positioning of items as it is about what kinds of objects you have, it is easy to give your home a makeover without investing bucket-loads of cash on new pieces of furniture or other highly expensive items. Feng shui will help you make the most of what you already have for the maximum 'WoW' factor.

Your home will be more ordered, more balanced, and more beautiful due to your time and effort rather than the outside influence of an expensive designer. It just takes a little bit of creative thinking and you can make Feng Shui work just by imagining how you can use and place the items you have already.

There are items you can purchase to enhance the attraction of positive chi into your home-life, such as plants, mirrors, wind-chimes etc... but these are inexpensive on the whole which means you will not need to raid your savings nest egg to make a big difference.

There are some aesthetic problems Feng Shui cannot resolve.

This is because practical feng shui is primarily about the arrangement of items and furniture, whereas many design problem spots in a home are due to the underlying architecture. However, there are remedies at your disposal to help minimise any such architectural issues.

If you have a room that feels small and cramped due to architectural 'features' like low ceilings and/or tiny windows, Feng Shui can help create strong visual lines making the room feel lighter and airier. Feng shui can also teach you practical methods to install multidirectional light sources in the space - this will help lighten the area without feeling you are being interrogated!

No matter what built in problems the design of your room may have, Feng Shui can help you mitigate the resultant issues so your home will have the look and feel of the designer touch.designers.

Feng Shui provides inexpensive, pragmatic solutions to interior design.

Give yourself the the designer treatment - without the expensive price tag!

by: Tracy O'Brien

About The Author

Tracy O'Brien is a long time student/practitioner of the art of Feng Shui and also founder of FengShuiAstrology.com. Visit now for more Feng Shui Tips and a FREE Feng Shui Astrology Personality Profile: http://www.fengshuiastrology.com

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