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Sell Your Home Faster and More Profitably with Feng Shui

by: Amy Goodmann

From determining pricing to having to keep a home in “showhome condition” marketing a house is always a challenge.

Just like a hangnail most homeowners want to get the sale over as quickly as possible.

Here are a number of Feng Shui tips to move the house sale along

First engage the senses . Prospective buyers must be engaged in every way possible . Use these ideas to engage the senses of buyers at your home.

Make sure that your house looks good. Use lots of horizontal space. Make sure you clear off the tops of everything ( dressers , counters , shelves etc.)

Draw your eye to the corner diagonal to the door of each room. This will make rooms seem and feel larger .

Next make sure that all entries and rooms can be entered easily and comfortably. Make sure as well that there are no mirrors that are opposite doorways. It is always a good idea to have some motion in the house – that it is not “dead still”. Ceiling fans can accomplish this well.

Believe it or not where you place your “for sale “sign carries weight. Since the karma is to place the sign on the right hand side of the house (facing the front of the home). It makes sense as most people are right handed and lead with the right side of their body.

Your house should be welcoming to newcomers and visitors.

The table in the foyer or front of the house should be inviting offering literature, business cards and a bowl of chocolates or cinnamon candies. As well a smaller vase of fresh flowers always give a nice feeling.

You should remember that the kitchen is the new family room,

Rather than being the area reserved for the lowly servants kitchens are now the meeting and sharing rooms that many families wish to have fond memories of.

Again keep counters clear, clean and nicely organized.

Keep the panty nicely organized – it shows attention to detail and the care afforded by the homeowners. However it never hurts to again place lush plants on the counter alongside a homey jar full of home made cookies.

Bathroom doors should be closed.

It is always good to have sounds that are pleasant to the ears.

Place a fountain close to the front of the house or keep music playing at all times especially in the northwest corner of the house.

According to feng shui , earthly scents are the most appealing to the widest range of people. Choose cinnamon and pine scents rather than floral or vanilla scents

Remember that first impressions are lasting ,

The front door is the most important area of the house . Keep in more than immaculate with soft lights turned on in the foyer area , a new doormat , and have something flanking either side of the front door , such as two pots of lush , very healthy plants and flowers.

You should be ready to move mentally as well as physically when you sell home.

Don’t dilly and have second thoughts . Don’t lay a stumbling block in front of the buyer by making extra demands.

For both your mental health and to reassure the new owners you can even buy them a new gift - such as a new door mat or keychain.

Now it is your turn to start moving out promptly , thoroughly and efficiently.

You might even move furniture and large items out sooner rather than later to a rented storeage space. Again this is as much for your mental health as to reassure the new owners.

You will be the ideal role model for the realtors in your area. It makes for more space- prepares you mentally and packing will be half done.

Remember by leaving things to the last moment you limit your options. Everything will be rushed . Things will go wrong. Remember Murphy’s Law that what disasters can happen will happen.

You are going to move anyways . The decision is made . So why make it harder on yourself . In addition you will be in a much better bargaining posituon for vendors such as movers and carpet cleaners.

As in life preparation is everything in selling your home.

Hopefully you are moving along for good positive reasons rather than misfortunes in your life.

About The Author

Amy Goodmann
Senior Analyst
Substantial Incomes

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