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Photographer shares his views on how to create a unique home.

Pat McNulty has been a fine arts photographer for nearly 20 years. Along the way, he has spent a lot of time thinking about integrating fine art into home decor. "How you decorate says a lot about you," says McNulty. You can spend a lot of money on furniture and other accessories, but the art you choose to hang on your walls will almost always be the center of conversation. Fine art can add beauty, uniqueness and a sense of serenity to almost any room.

"I believe it is best to buy what you feel is refreshing and uplifting," says McNulty. "For me it does not matter how much you paid, or if the artist is well known or not, but rather if you like it and it makes you feel good."

Choose a theme and stick with it. Try decorating a room with nothing but lighthouse pictures, or flowers, or animal photographs. You can find affordable fine art photography framed or unframed. If it is unframed there are plenty of art galleries such as AC Moore and Michaels that offer frames and pre-made mats that make it easy to frame. In fact if you buy artwork that is ready to frame you can choose frames that will compliment your room.

Finally it can be fun creating a room that is you. One that will make you say "I am home". You can get plenty of satisfaction creating an environment which is unique and personal.

Pat McNulty's passion for photography has blossomed into a business, http://www.premierphotographer.com . He has over 850 pictures in subjects ranging from lighthouses, flowers, horses, kittens, waterfalls and butterfly's. His photographs are developed straight off the original negative to 8 x 10 , 11 x 14, 12x18, and 16x20 inches, with impressive sharpness and rich tonality. All of his photographs are individually signed. His website also offers twelve free screensavers, free wallpaper, decorating and photography articles.