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Digital cameras are so popular today because they are so
much fun to use and so versatile. Just pick up the camera,
point and shoot - and in a matter of seconds you have a
high-quality photo you can print out, email to a friend or
relative, post on a website, or copy.

But being a new technology, many people have questions that
deserve to be answered. So let's start with the first

Here are some things you may want to know when buying a digital camera. When considering getting a digital camera, here's the top
question in most people's minds:

1. How Many Megapixels Should I Get?

2. How Easy Is A Digital Camera To Use?

3. What Types Of Digital Cameras Are There And How Much Do
They Cost?

The Three Important Factors To Digital Camera Memory:
4. How Many Pictures Can I Put On A Memory Card?

5. What Size Memory Card Do I Need?
6. What Type Of Memory Card Is Best?

The Three Steps to Digital Picture Printing
7. How Easy Is It To Get My Pictures Out Of My Camera And
Into My Computer?
8. What Happens If I Print An 8x10 From Only 1 Megapixel?

9. What Is White Balance And How Does It Work?

10. Is There Any Difference Between A Digital And An Optical

11. How Much Do I REALLY Need To Spend On A Digital Camera?

12. Is It Worth Getting An Extended Warranty?

13. Do I Need A Special Photo Printer?

14. Does The Type Of Battery I Use Make A Difference?

15. Which Digital Camera Should I Buy?

16. How Can I Make Sure I Take Good Pictures?

17. Digital Camera Terminology - What Do All Those Strange
Words Mean?

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