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Protect Yourself While You Network!

Tips on protecting yourself on MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo360, Twitter and other social networking sites!

Both MySpace and Facebook have approximately 115 million monthly users. We feel we are safe on the internet because we are not face to face with others. But there are dangers lurking on social networking sites ranging from identity theft to fraud to sexual predators. Here are a few tips on how to keep yourself protected.

1. Create a strong password. Use unpredictable phrases, letters and/or numbers. Be creative and have fun with it! [password example: @y6_gh4s6k5m0eee]
2. Set your picture and profile to private. And don’t reveal your real age! This way the general public can not see your information, and only friends can see your photographs.
3.  Be careful when you accept friends. If you add someone as a friend and they begin sending you spam, block or delete them immediately. 

4.  Most networking sites give you the option of requiring a person who is requesting you as a friend to type in a word/number code, or to know your last name. Utilize these options! 

5.  Be careful with any personal information you put on your profile, and don't put anything that might reveal your password! Internet predators are very good at guessing your passwords, especially if you give them information they can use. For example, don’t use the title of your blog or your own name as your password!
6.  Use a generic picture of something you like for your profile image. You can get free fine art images at www.premierphotographer.com
7.  Be careful of suspicious emails. If you get an email from a friend that does not sound like your friend, it might not be your friend. Someone can easily hijack your friend’s account. This happens very commonly, often with strange results. And, as a general rule, if you get notices from international lotteries, the IRS, or people from Africa trying to transfer money, these are always frauds. 
8.  Be careful of games and/or applications. Some computer programmers can install malware to access your personal information.
9. Get a good antivirus and spyware program such as Norton. These are worth the money spent!

10. Be careful what you say online or in emails. Your words are potentially there forever, and may be used against you, even inadvertently. Google your name sometimes. You may be very surprised.

11. Use common sense... your very best defense.

Pat McNulty is a fine art photographer who began his website in 1998. You can get free nature and wildlife pictures for your profile on his site. The artist offers free 12 screensavers  and wallpaper along with affordable prices for beautiful pictures. Mr. McNulty’s web site http://www.premierphotographer.com/ offers some of the finest fine art photography available online.

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