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Kathleen Pacula, PA

I received a photograph of a breathtaking black & white solitary flower as a gift. It is so exquisite in it fine detail. It is not a photograph you can just pass by without looking at it. I have received may compliments and I compliment the photographer for capturing such beauty.

Jone Sweeney, NC

Simply beautiful We loved the butterfly on-line, however on-line views do not begin to do yur pictures justice. The colors are so vibrant and the clarity is wonderful. You have a great talent and the patience of a saint. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

Bob Keck, KY

Let me tell you how pleased I am with 'Abrams Falls'. This photograph is displayed in my office. The contrast between the powerful waterfall and the serene setting is perfect. This piece is perfectly lit and framed. It allows me to get away from the stress of a workday.

Pat McNulty

The word photography means, "to paint with light". McNulty was immediately drawn to the medium as a means of personal expression, and outlet to his innermost inspiration. His passion for creating compelling images has taken him across the United States and throughout Western Europe. Mr. McNulty states, "The thought of capturing a moment in time, and creating an image that will turn into the center of conversation has always been my passion." In fact when he is out taking pictures he often experiences this harmonic convergence and feels a wondrous sense of unity with the universe. What makes his pictures unique is his ability to translating the imaginational into the physical About his art Pat say " I want to create pictures that will refresh, delight, and uplift your soul. Art that helps restore the real you, where you say ' I am home! . "He has appeared several times on television, radio, magazines, and newspapers talking about his unique artwork. His photographs have been described as alluring and seductive.

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