On the island of Assateague, which spans the border between Maryland and Virginia, is a awe-inspiring scene which thousands of people travel to witness each year. Hundreds of wild ponies dash across the salt marches and through the forests. Watching them makes your heart soar because they represent not only the pure beauty of nature in motion, but a symbol of undaunted freedom – a subject near and dear to each yearning heart, young and old.

Nobody knows where these horses originated centuries ago. One theory is they escaped from early pioneers or from 17th century Spanish galleons, such as the one recently discovered wrecked in the waters off shore. Nowadays, there are still over 300 of these ponies running wild and living their lives to the max in this National Nature Preserve. Of course they are carefully monitored and cared for by the government to control the herds' populations. This is done for the horses' own good in order to reduce disease and the danger of starvation, and to thwart the depletion of the island's natural resources. The last weekend in July since 1924, there has been an annual Pony Swim where some of the horses are rounded up, vaccinated and sold at auction.

Isn’t there a horse lover deep inside each of us? Not only did most of us dream of having one as a kid, but these majestic, wild animals represent the nugget of free spirit we each have buried deep underneath the daily grind and routine of our lives. After all, don’t we all dream to be just like them – frolicking free and happy in the midst of breathtaking beauty? No wonder thousands come to view them each year.

If you cannot travel to Assateague to witness these gorgeous animals in their natural habitat or to purchase one for yourself, you can still have them in your home through the magic of photography. These stunning creatures can be captured for all time to view anytime you desire. Pat McNulty of Premiere Photographer.com has taken many fascinating photographs of these majestic ponies, as well as other horses, in both black and white studies and in full, living color. The artworks are perfect for dens, country western décor, for kid's rooms, or in any room where you want to convey a relaxing and calming atmosphere. You can also purchase them as wallpaper for your computer or website.

These ponies’ unharnessed beauty can bring natural splendor into your living spaces. Each time you gaze into these photos you’ll feel a smile spreading across your cheeks. Just for a split second, you can almost feel the wind whisking through their manes. Ah, to be free.