Witness the Beauty of Birds Through Photos

Boasting plumages of different colors and designs; coming in diverse forms; and with the ability to soar in the air, birds are spectacular creatures that bear deep; inspirational symbolisms and meanings. It's mostly from their ability of flight that the symbols they represent and messages they convey have been derived from. Generally, the many things they signify vary from freedom; link between earth and heaven; inspiration to aim high; and etc.

To chance upon these magnificent, flying creatures among nature would be enthralling. People would even observe them as a leisurely activity called bird watching. In your home, photos can allow you to have the beauty of birds present by incorporating them into your interior design.

There are several kinds of birds, each with unique appearances. And apart from their general symbolisms and meanings, each kind of bird has its own symbolisms and meanings too. So among all of these avian beauties, you can find some that are most striking for you that would be perfect to display photos of in your home.

The Symbolisms and Meanings of Birds

Paired with the birds' charm are beautiful symbolisms and meanings. They have many symbolisms and meanings that vary among different cultures and beliefs, which span from ancient times until present even. Below, you can find some of the common symbolisms and meanings the birds hold in general.


One of the wow factors of birds is their ability to fly. It is something that comes naturally to them, which we, humans, cannot do without using artificial wings or riding a plane. This ability of theirs allows them to roam freely, whether on the land; in the sea; or through the sky. They can go to and fro by any means, and that's why they are associated with freedom.

The link between heaven and earth

As birds can fly through the skies, they are perceived to be in proximity to heaven. This gave them an image as messengers of God. Thus, the appearances of birds was said to serve as signs sent by God, either good or bad.

Forecasters of life events

Sightings of birds are considered to be omens, which may be good or bad depending on the kind of birds and the manner of how they are encountered. To give some examples: it's a highly auspicious omen when you come across a swallow prior to the spring equinox. On the other hand, when a wild bird came flying into the window of your car or house and becomes unconscious or dies due to the impact, it may either mean that you may have been getting somewhere in your life but will soon be impacted negatively by some hindrance or that there will be turmoil for your family in the near future.

Inspiration to aim high 

They can be normally seen soaring up high in the sky. Although we, humans, don't have the ability to fly, the sight of their flight can be inspiring for us to set off on our own metaphorical flight, wherein we can set our life goals high and strive to achieve them even if we may encounter obstacles in our pursuit to success.

Inspiration for spiritual growth

It is believed that birds are spiritual creatures that can encourage the further development of our spirituality. God sends birds to appear and interact with humans as a means of deliverance of spiritual messages or inspiration. They can either come as animal totems or spirit animals that bear spiritual meaning or sometimes, these birds are actually angels coming to our lives in bird form to send us powerful messages.

Moreover, the birds' similarity to angels of having wings makes them associated with angels. Their wings represent the freedom and empowerment that can be brought by spiritual growth.

The Different Kinds of Birds and Their Own Symbolisms and Meanings

There are over 10,000 species of birds. Every one of them has their own personality. Get to know some of these feathery fellas that are featured in this website's bird gallery as we discuss their own common symbolisms and meanings below.

EAGLES are powerful birds of prey that have impeccable eyesight and are considered as the king of the flyers because they can fly the highest among birds and don't have much competition, thus, they symbolize great strength; leadership; freedom; connection to heaven; vision; and awareness. Two of the most popular types of eagles are the golden eagles and bald eagles. Golden eagles embody new beginnings, come the ending of chapters in your life, while the bald eagles signify triumphantly surpassing adversities and flying high above them.

PEACOCKS, full of vibrancy; grace; and elaborate design, are typically associated with beauty; royalty; self-confidence; and protection. With the extravagance of their feathers, they have an air of royalty and convey the message of embracing your true colors to bring out your true; natural beauty. Moreover, their feathers are also their means of intimidating and warding off predators for protection.

WHITE SWANS, one of the largest flying birds with a pure and heavenly appearance that is in resemblance to angels, have the symbolism of spiritual devotion. They are believed to deliver messages from angels. Other symbolisms of white swans are purity, beauty, elegance, and love.

RED-CRESTED CARDINALS, although belonging to the tanager family, who have a bad reputation for having negative symbolisms, have something good in them. They have a similarity to cardinals, whom they can be confused to belong with, which is their prominent; red crests, that represents spiritual connection, as their crests protrude upward like antennas that receive guidance and messages from heaven. They are spiritual seers and messengers, but their red crest is not only of spiritual significance but also represents intelligence and importance.

PARROTS, well known for their ability to mimic words spoken by humans, represent mindfulness and the appropriate timing of the things we say and the power of words. Macaw parrots are some the largest and most striking in color among parrots, and with the varying colors they have, they can have varying symbolisms. In general, macaw parrots symbolize dreaming big, conveying that the power of believing can help make dreams come true.

MALLARD DUCKS, as water birds associated with water that is symbolic of emotions, represent handling emotions with grace and strength. Also, they are sociable creatures, but they also convey being mindful of the persons to surround yourself with and developing healthy relationships.

HERONS are solitary birds that rarely ever go with a flock and hunt alone, so they symbolize solitude; self-reliance; and self-determination. Their other common symbolisms are derived from their hunting behavior. They are highly skilled in hunting fish with their quick reflexes but also have the patience to wait for their prey to appear, hence their associations with patience; aggressiveness; and quick movement.

PELICANS have large throat pouches that they use for catching fish, and this feature of theirs bears a deep meaning of unloading. This can either be in a sense of letting something go to give room for a much greater thing in exchange, ridding of unnecessary things that can weigh you down to soar higher in new heights, rising above despite having carried heavy burdens, or forgiveness.

HAWKS, much like the eagles, can also soar into great heights, which also makes them connected to the spirit world as spiritual messengers as well as makes them symbolic of vision and intuition. Distinguishable from other hawks by their red-colored tail feathers are the red tail hawks, whose red pigment appears at a sufficient point of maturation. In relation to our lives, this means that our own metaphorical red feathers aren't easily given and must be earned.

WOODPECKERS have the symbolism of opportunity, just as how the saying goes, "When opportunity knocks, answer the door." This is evident in their behavior for survival, wherein they aggressively strike upon trees, which are like doors that bring benefits of food and shelter for them. The smallest woodpeckers, the downy woodpeckers, despite their diminutive size, represent bravery and hard work, while the flicker woodpeckers, whose behaviors are atypical to woodpeckers, represent balance; growth; and advancement despite being unconventional as well as humility.

NUTHATCHES are intelligent, practical birds with loud voices and have this unique ability to be able to walk on a tree in any direction including downwards, headfirst and even upside down on tree branches. These characteristics of theirs convey having courage in facing the masses, viewing in a reversed point of view, and realizing thoughts into practice.

FINCHES, who are symbolic of joy; high energy; positivity; optimism; and appreciation, are believed to be omens of joy and excitement. They are an embodiment of enjoying life and savoring those moments of enjoyment. This is evident in their flight pattern, wherein they go off in flight twisting and turning in dance through the air for no purpose but enjoyment.

SWALLOWS, because of their beauty, were believed to represent gods in ancient times, that many ancient Greek and Roman myths even tell of gods transforming into swallows. For others, they were believed to be souls of those who recently departed. In modern times, they have become popular for their symbolisms of love; respect; loyalty; and peace and even became popular tattoo designs.

PENGUINS, having been able to adapt to the extreme conditions of their habitat, symbolize evolution and unconventionalism. Paleontological records show that they may have initially had the ability of flight but have evolved in time to adapt to their icy, watery environment in trade for their flying ability. And as non-flying birds, they tell us that it's okay to be different and to do things differently as long as it benefits our well being.

PINK FLAMINGOS by nature, are social creatures who live in large groups that are distinguishable by their attractive; bright; pink color as well as their behavior of standing with one foot, while the other is tucked under their feathers. With these characteristics of theirs, they have gained allure; balance; and community as some of their common symbolisms.

BLUE JAYS, possessing a color similar to the sky, have the symbolism of clarity. They also have incredible speech skills and are even capable of mimicking other birds as well as humans, thus, some of their common symbolisms include communication; intelligence; and curiosity.

Birds truly are amazing creatures not just for their beautiful, elegant appearance but also for their distinct, interesting characteristics and their roles in bringing harmony in nature. Like how they contribute to the beauty and harmony in nature, they can also add beauty to your home and help pull together its interior design when incorporated through photographs as decorations. Captivating photos of various birds can be found on www.premierephotographer.com.