The Warmth of Fall Decorating

by Diana Fox

Autumn announces its arrival with the reappearance of such old friends as a Halloween carved jack-o-lantern; cool, chilly mornings; the colorful colleague of fallen leaves; Friday night high school football and an abundance of crisp fall apples. We are welcomed by brilliant colors and seduced with an invitation to find our favorite sweater and reacquaint ourselves with the joys of a good book and a cup of hot spiced cider.

As daylight hours shorten and the temperatures become cooler our thoughts naturally turn to decorating our home for the coming months. Fall is the time to enrich our rooms with warmth, color and texture.Living busy lives creates added stress and unrealistic expectations, so coming home to a place that nurtures and provides a sense of peace is a good way to “refuel” your energy.

As seasons change, so does your decorating sense. Transform your cool, summertime rooms into cozy, comfortable settings that beckon you to relax and unwind.To decorate for fall, accent with burnished autumn hues - terra cotta, deep reds, golden browns, Tuscan yellow or rich greens. Introduce these colors to your rooms with decorative pillows; seasonal tablecloths; scented, spiced candles; blanket throws in plaid fabrics or plush chenille textures; a heavy tapestry bedspread or beautiful fall flowers. These touches add warmth and reflect nature’s colorful fall palette.

Baskets and wooden bowls filled with fruit, pumpkins, gourds, fall vegetables or pinecones add color, texture and interest as a casual centerpiece or an unexpected accessory.Seasonal decorating transforms the look and feel of any room. Highlight your fireplace mantel with a collection of rustic tree branches with colorful leaves and berries still attached or mix beautiful fall greenery with dried hydrangea blossoms for a stunning arrangement. A clear glass vase filled with acorns and then arranged with decorative pheasant feathers is a striking alternative to flowers. This display is an innovative touch and when accessorized with leather-bound books, candles and a mantel clock creates an appealing décor.

Sprinkle colorful dried leaves on your dining room table or use larger accent leaves under accessories, candles or dishes as an inexpensive option for creative harvest decorating.

Consider rearranging your living room - center your furnishings so they face the fireplace, creating an intimate setting for conversation and relaxation. Add a beautiful patterned area rug to define the space as well as impose texture and warmth to the floor.Angle your favorite chair and ottoman in a nearby corner and you’ve created a cozy spot for reading or an inviting place to collect your thoughts at the end of the day.

Celebrate the comforts of autumn with a decorating style that brings the outdoors in. Greet the season with abundant colors, rich flavors and pleasant textures. Adapt your surroundings by creating rooms that reflect the season and are inspired by your imagination for adding seasonal accessories.Fall is the season for gathering, so as people come together to share the season’s harvest make your home an inviting space for family and friends to be welcomed and feel comfortable.