Finding the Right Place for Pictures on a Wall

If you've got a home, you've got walls. And if you've got walls, you've got space for photographs. So get some photographs and get ready to place them on your walls.

But be forewarned. Placing pictures on a wall can be a difficult proposition. You need to place the pictures in the right place so it can be viewed at comfortably at eye level by most of the people who will be in the room. To make sure you know how exactly where to hang a picture on a wall, we asked Artist Pat McNulty for some advice. Pat McNulty says that you will definitely enjoy photography in your home more if you know how to hang pictures at the right height.

And so he has come up with the following advice:

1. Select a picture.

2. Select a frame.

3. Find a wall.

4. Stand up about four feet away from the wall with the frame held so your eyes look at the middle of the picture. Walk toward the wall. Hit the wall with the frame and picture. This is the right height for standing pictures. Mark the wall with a pencil at this height.

5. Sit down in a chair across the room, hold up the picture, at eye level, then shuffle across the floor holding the picture at this level, no higher, no lower, until you hit the wall. This is the right place for sitting pictures. Mark the wall with a pencil at this height. Now you need to get them to stay on the wall. You do this so that they will stay where you put them and can be seen when you either are standing or sitting.

So get a nail and a hammer and follow the instructions that came with the frame. If there were no instructions, Pat operates a home photography hotline. So give him a call or send him an e-mail message and ask him about how to nail a picture to a wall.