5 easy ways to add character to your home

by Diana Fox

We greet the New Year with anticipation, promise and excitement. Our hopes and wishes often center on change. A better job, weight loss, quitting smoking. In the next 365 days you’ll have numerous possibilities to explore, fresh ideas to consider and personal resolutions to keep!

The New Year’s celebration is symbolized with the familiar slogan “Out with the old, in with the new.” If updating your home’s appearance is on this year’s wish list, create instant change by implementing a few of the following ideas. Mix imagination with inspiration to results by designing stylish rooms that are comfortable, attractive and welcoming.

Add color

Color determines the mood of any room. Go beyond the typical neutral tones and develop a color palette that makes you feel good. Designers often select three to four colors and mix, match and coordinate between rooms. Paint is one of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of a space, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Introducing color quickly achieves a dramatic new look while adding warmth and dimension.

Attention to detail

Accessories give a home personality, reflecting the tastes and interests of its occupants, but unless they are chosen and displayed properly they can make an attractive room uninteresting, awkward or cluttered. Your home is a personal reflection, so select items with character and mirror your tastes. Cluster accessories in odd numbers and try to arrange objects in a pyramid fashion, so the eye is led from a high to low point, creating a natural flow from one object to the next.

Update cabinets

A simple method of updating is to highlight your kitchen or bathroom cabinets with new hardware. Replace shiny brass or chrome knobs, pulls and hinges with the refined look of brushed metal, hammered copper or antique brass. Resurfacing or refinishing cabinets is another popular option and provides an inspiring facelift for a fraction of the cost. This is less expensive than new cabinets and offers the same great impact, significantly improving the presentation and value of your home.

Rearrange furniture

The key to any room is placement. The positioning of furniture and accessories set the room’s mood and function. Break away from setting everything against the walls. Try floating a sofa in the middle of the room, 2 loveseats facing each other or angle a couple of upholstery pieces in a V, on either side of an end table. Adding an area rug not only anchors a room group, but also complements any decorating scheme and creates a cozy setting for conversation.

Frame your walls

Applying crown molding adds a decorative, classic detail and enhances the architectural features of your home. It’s a finishing touch that defines the beauty of your rooms with style and elegance. For exceptional visual appeal, consider a chair rail or wainscot. Plain walls become spectacular as they soon reflect an appealing warmth, character and balance. It adds a rich feeling and is a perfect selection for an office, game room or any area you’d like to define.

These easy updates are perfect for any budget and will brighten your home for the New Year. Change your home by designing spaces with charm, character and comfort. Get inspired, get started and get ready for the compliments…

Diana specializes in interior arrangement, room design makeovers, color consultations and relocating services. She has been assisting clients since 1986 and can be reached by phone at (951) 202-7859 or e-mail at diana@foxinteriors.biz or on her Web site www.foxinteriors.biz.