Add value to your home’s curb appeal

by Diana Fox

Inspired Exterior Color Schemes Will Get You Noticed

The heart of any home is the color scheme. Color affects not only the look, but also how it feels. Color stimulates our senses – emotionally, physically and spiritually. With color we express ourselves, create possibilities and bring our imagination to life. Importantly, color can improve the presence of your home, showing off the architectural features to their best advantage. Applying color transforms faster than any other element of change.

When deciding on exterior colors consider a color scheme with at least 3, but no more than 5 colors to create a look people will notice. Select a combination of colors that work together, yet individually standout to highlight the major characteristics of your home’s architectural styling. Houses with 3 or more contrasting colors have compelling depth and dimension that easily draws attention and prestige.

Exterior color schemes should display 3 basic elements – body, trim and accent combinations. Let your homes natural architectural design dictate how these colors will enhance your home’s unique features. Consider using a two-tone main body theme if the exterior has a change in materials/siding or the style has enclosed balconies, bay windows or any other features that could be emphasized using a different, yet complimentary color.

The trim color of your home is as significant as the frame around a picture – it completes the structure while adding a fresh, layered combination of color. Outlining the window and door detail creates impressive, visual character that adds distinction. Accent colors attract your eyes attention and are usually a bolder selection. Use richer, darker colors on shutters, doors, railings and other details. A well chosen selection of 1-3 contrasting accent colors can add incredible presence and disguise design flaws.Balance colors over the entire building so body, trim and accent colors harmonize together for an attractive presentation – one with perfect charm, character and curb appeal.

Your attention to detail will guarantee your home’s first impression to others - a stunning look that feels expensive. Be creative – have fun – get inspired…Three Color Tips for a Stunning First Impression1. Create a dramatic entry – paint your front door in rich tones of red, chocolate or black. Add accessories to balance and soften - a combination of pots with lush greenery and flowers, a wooden bench, wicker chair or wrought iron accent.2. Garage doors are large and dominate your homes appearance – paint them the same color as the body of your home – this will ensure that your eye draws attention to a more pleasing feature.3. Shutters add a classic finishing touch – achieve exceptional curb appeal with a contrasting color that compliments your front door.

Diana Fox is a new resident to Southwest California, recently moving from Seattle, WA. Her business Fox Interiors …a design service to create warmth, harmony and beauty in every room… specializes in Interior Arrangement, Room Design Makeovers, Color Consultations and Relocation Services. Diana has been assisting clients create stylish interiors since 1986. She can be reached at 909-202-7859 or or visit her website at .