Create a lasting first impression for your home

by Diana Fox

A favorable “first impression” has long been regarded as imperative in situations in which you want to influence others or define your style. We routinely win or lose opportunities based on the significance of that impression. Think back to a nerve-racking first date or an all-important job interview – a positive first impression peaks curiosity and induces a desire to know more. The truth is, we make an effort to look good in circumstances where image is a factor. This same strategy is true for your home.

Your home’s first impression begins with its natural focal point – the entryway. Your entry sets the tone for your home’s introduction and should be creative, individual, and pleasing. It’s what people see first, it’s what you see first and it’s what welcomes visitors to your home.Your entryway should extend a leisurely invitation to step inside and see what’s beyond the front door yet at the same time capture your attention and tempt you with a lingering second look. It’s your chance to create a relaxing transition space, combining the beauty of both house and garden.

When decorating this area, size and scale will determine your options. Is it spacious and open or small and intimate? Regardless of available space, a pleasant mix of color, texture and materials will create a welcoming embrace that adds interest and character. Experiment with different pieces until you have a look that defines the style or theme perfect for your home. Create definition by varying the height, shape and proportions of the pieces you select. This important element provides balance and impact to the entire setting.

Most of all, be unique; use your own sense of style to design an attractive entryway you’ll love. A painted bench, a child’s red wagon, colorful artwork, an ornate mirror, a wrought iron baker’s rack, beautiful pottery, a cluster of lush plants and vibrant flowers, a wicker chair, soothing wind chimes, a tranquil water fountain, garden-style accessories – all can do wonders in getting an ordinary entry noticed. Consider unexpected surprises such as soft lighting, a pretty area rug or an antique carved chest or truck. A few well-chosen pieces can make all the difference.

An attractive entry is a great way to greet people and create a welcoming atmosphere that is friendly and decorative. The style, whether simple or elegant, makes an immediate impact on all who enter. It hints at who you are. Whether you’re looking for function, image or comfort, get inspired, use your imagination and create a stunning “grand entrance” that gets noticed again and again.

Diana Fox is a new resident to Southwest California, recently moving from Seattle, WA. Her business, Fox Interiors (“A design service to create warmth, harmony, and beauty in every room”), specializes in interior arrangement, room design makeovers, color consultations and relocation services. She can be reached by phone at 951-202-7859 or e-mailed at, or you may visit her Web site at