Decorating a new home? How to get started…

by Diana Fox

Creating a beautiful home is the result of inspired decorating that reflects your personality. It’s about expressing yourself and living with items you love. The joy – as well as the challenge is blending together styles, patterns, textures and colors. Well decorated rooms evolve over time and invite their guests to linger, commanding a second look.Whether your new home is a blank canvas with white walls or reflects the prior owners taste, you can design spaces that bring your personality and lifestyle together.

For many decorating a home can feel overwhelming. Ease your “Where do I start?” confusion by selecting an inspiration piece. An inspiration piece will provide direction and focus, making your decorating steps easier. It can be selected in a variety of ways, and once chosen, will define your decorating strategy.

Look for inspiration in a pretty piece of fabric. Consider options from appealing colors or distinctive patterns you like. An area rug can influence everything in a room and is an excellent starting choice - as is, colorful artwork or a one-of-a-kind painting. Touring model homes and paging through design magazines will increase your awareness of trends and help you define your decorating style.

A few years ago, I created a tranquil bedroom with my inspiration piece - a still life, sepia toned picture I placed above the bed. It set the mood for a romantic space and when coordinated with tone on tone bed linens, sheer draperies, a soothing water fountain, additional neutral art, seasonal plants and attractive accessories provided a wonderful, relaxing haven.

Selecting a theme is a fun and unique way to create the perfect setting. Coordinate a themed atmosphere by letting your imagination wander. Anything goes - try an all black and white bathroom, a French cafe kitchen, a Paris apartment guest room, a tropical “Tommy Bahama” living room or a romantic, coastal retreat master bedroom. Themed rooms are easy, creative and inspire a very personal reflection of style.Find your inspiration piece in a treasured antique, a specific collection you want to showcase or in an architectural feature that highlights the room. Rooms should reflect your style and taste and be filled with colors, accessories and furnishings that make you feel good.

A beautiful home is everyone’s dream. The details are essential – relaxed settings, pleasing colors, impressive displays – Details not only make your house a home, they impact and create an environment that sizzles with style, warmth and atmosphere – one that reflects your lifestyle – one that welcomes you home…

Diana is a new resident to Southwest California. She specializes in interior arrangement, room design makeovers, color consultations and relocation services. She has been assisting clients since 1986 and can be reached at 951-202-7859 or email or visit her website at