Reduce Stress Green Your Living Space

Waterfalls take us immediately into a place of calm. There is something extremely soothing about the trickle of a stream or the soothing sounds of a babbling brook . If you can't get a vacation day to escape to the outdoors, bring the outdoors to you through a small fountain or an image of a relaxing waterscape.

Henry David Thoreau was one of the first Americans to recognize the importance of the outdoors for solitude and revitalization. His work Walden Pond in the mid-1800s was the genesis for the healing powers of Mother Nature. When we are incapable of retreating to the wilds to begin again, we are forced to seek alternatives within our techno centric 24/7 society. Along with all of the green alternatives you are implementing already from curbside recycling to air-drying your wash, try bringing images of the natural world or even images of idyllic pasts into your living space.

The subtle placement of one or two images of butterflies in a sitting room has the power to evoke a calm, beautiful Spring day. These images are extremely colorful and represent the transformation from the mundane to the beautiful. In some hospitals patients can select the pictures and artwork in their rooms in some hospitals. Empowering patients to choose what art and pictures they surround themselves with may help the healing process.

Roses, lilies, orchids and daisies also bring color into a living space and in a print they are perennially in bloom, pretty, delicate and represent life coming into fullness.

Lighthouses represent guiding lights bringing us to safe shores in stormy weather--security in a harsh world. They also represent man working with nature. Many people love being at the beach, and some may remember past vacations. Lighthouses can evoke happy childhood memories, for others they represents a beacon of calm.