Design Your Office to Fit Your Image of Success

by Diana Fox

What does your business image say about you? Does your office environment support your desire to succeed, or do you feel drained and exhausted at the end of the day? Your office is where you develop and implement your plan for success, so make sure it projects a dynamic image and serves as a means to achieve your goals.

Whether you work from home or have a business office, your workspace sends a very powerful message to others. Your work environment affects your energy, your happiness and your creativity. It either supports or weakens your outcome for success. Several hours a week are spent in your office, so it’s no surprise the huge impact it plays on your attitude.

One of the most overlooked aspects in the workspace is how you feel while you’re there. We all draw energy from our environments. We breathe in and process the effects, passing on this energy to others - our family - our friends - our business associates. Your level of success is influenced by the environment in your business world, specifically your office. By balancing the energy and creating a well-designed, decorated and organized office you can easily boost your prosperity and success.

The key to decorating your office is achieving that perfect blend of professional and personal style. You want your office décor to project a business image that represents the company yet incorporates your own style, personality and details. Make it a pleasing environment that will nurture, motivate and create a sense of well being. If you design your office to reflect your individuality it will increase your effectiveness, productivity and ability to focus while you’re there. This is especially true for people who work from home. You are the only one who can keep yourself motivated, so make sure your office is a wonderful place to be.

Start with your desk. It should function easily and be clear of clutter, disorganization and messy piles of paper. The appearance of your desk and office send a clear message to clients and associates about your professionalism and your ability to handle their needs. Organizing your workspace can be a challenge, but you’ll enjoy increased energy and creativity if you pay attention to this important detail. If possible, position your desk so it faces the door. Natural light elevates your mood and should also be considered when setting up a home or business office.

Your office space should be comfortable and functional and suggest to others who you are and what you like. Decorate with things you love. Select items that compliment your style and characterize your taste. A fun way to personalize your office is to reveal your passions by highlighting an interest, a hobby or a theme. Hang framed degrees, business awards or community service certificates together in one area. Don’t limit the art to just paintings. Consider sculptures or tasteful pieces of art displayed on pedestals or showcased in a beautiful bookcase. The positive results of designing a workspace to be just the way you want it will shift your energy and affect every aspect of your business.

Applying color to the walls will brighten your spirit and make your space more personal. Even painting just one wall can provide impact and bring vitality to your office.An area rug is a nice touch and adds warmth and visual interest. It can draw several items together to make a room feel coordinated. If your space allows, add an overstuffed chair or sofa for a comfortable invitation to relax.

Plants enhance any workspace and create a stylish touch. Interior plants, trees or flowers improve your mood and bring nature’s beauty indoors. Place a large plant in an empty corner, arrange a cluster of flowers for your desk or set a wicker basket of greenery on a side table for decorative touches that add warmth and atmosphere.

Office decorating is a gratifying contribution to your authentic expression. It makes your time indoors a little more stimulating and pleasant. You will never regret the results - an enjoyable, stress-free environment that supports your prosperity, well being and success.

Diana is a new resident to Southwest California. She specializes in interior arrangement, room design makeovers, color consultations and relocation services. She has been assisting clients since 1986 and can be reached by phone at (951) 202-7859 or e-mail at Or, visit her Web site at