Think Spring... Fresh Ideas For Your Walls

Spring is a time to start fresh and try new things. So, there is no better time than now to experiment and be adventurous in your own home. You can start by adding a little life to your home with these simple suggestions from . These techniques will add texture and depth to your walls and accentuate your artwork.

Emphasize your artwork with paint:

-- Using either stencils or freehand drawings, create an additional frame for your artwork by painting a few simple accents on the walls surrounding your framed art. Choose an accent that will compliment the subject matter of your artwork. For example, you could accent a framed landscape or still life print with painted ivy or ribbons. For a more modern piece, you may try using geometric shapes or overlapping thin lines to border the entire piece of artwork. Experiment on paper to find the right accent for your artwork.

-- Create a three-dimensional look that will draw more attention to your artwork with color-blocking techniques. This can be achieved by painting a rectangle on the wall where you plan to hang your art. To do this, measure the artwork and mark the space on the wall where you plan to hang it. Next, carefully paint a rectangle considerably larger than the size of your artwork. Using a third color, paint a thin border around the edge of the rectangle you just painted to create a more finished look. After the paint has dried, hang your framed print. Your new wall should look more dramatic and provide a greater emphasis on your artwork.

Accent with shelves and ledges:

-- Draw attention to your framed artwork by installing small shelves or narrow ledges on your walls to showcase your art. This works well if you do not have a fireplace with a mantel. Temporary shelving comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can be installed symmetrically for a more traditional setting or staggered for a more contemporary look. Depending on the weight of your artwork and the sturdiness of the shelves, you can either place the artwork directly on the shelves or hang the artwork above it. Place accent objects, such as candles, vases, books, etc., on the shelves below the artwork to further compliment your art.

If you are looking for an even easier way to brighten up your home this season, bring the outdoors inside with some new bright floral prints or elegant black-and-white nature photography. These breathtaking images from will reinvigorate your soul and your home.

So whether you're a single apartment dweller just starting out or a long-time homeowner, a few simple decorating techniques and some delightful art objects can transform your living quarters in no time. Decorating for any season has never been easier than at