Decorate with Style for the Holidays

by Diana Fox

For each of us there’s a magical moment when Christmas happens. You simply feel it. Maybe it’s the familiar melody of a Christmas carol that awakens your spirit or the moment you stand back and admire your beautifully lit and decorated Christmas tree, or maybe it’s when you take your first sip of spiced eggnog with a delicious, homemade holiday cookie. Regardless of when your Christmas moment happens, it lifts your heart and inspires you to welcome the holidays into your home.

Home is never as comforting as it is during the holiday season. You decorate your rooms with touches of magic and memories, celebrate meaningful traditions and extend a gracious welcome to family and friends.Bring your home to life by decorating a few key areas. Greet visitors at the front door with a festive holiday wreath or swag made of winter greenery and fragrant evergreen boughs. Add texture, visual interest and color by embellishing with sprigs of Christmas holly, eucalyptus branches, delicate baby’s breath, fresh fruit and herbs, dried flowers, rustic pinecones, holiday ornaments or shimmering ribbons.

When company arrives they’ll feel welcomed at your front door with the fresh, spicy scent of this glorious, seasonal decoration. A wreath also brings beauty and a special holiday touch inside. Use your imagination and experiment with various materials for interior use. Hang in windows, over bedroom doors, above the fireplace mantel or on a wall to add an extra helping of Christmas cheer. An entryway is the introduction to your home and should be dressed for the holidays with a combination of Christmas accessories, swags of garland and a few of your favorite things. Everyday and holiday treasures displayed together capture the warmth of Christmas, making a grand entrance and a pleasing holiday welcome.

Surprise guests to an entryway decorated with a child’s wooden rocking horse or a shiny red wagon brimming with toys, books, plush teddy bears and dolls. This look themes a playful, old-fashioned style, or try creating an elegant impact using all white. Recreate the illusion of a snowy, winter wonderland by accessorizing your entry with all white flowers, ribbons, linens, candles and ornaments. White captures the season’s radiance and reflects everyone’s longing for a white Christmas!The fireplace mantel is a natural for holiday decorating. Inspiration is everywhere. Select a mood or theme then, decorate with style! Personalize your décor with fresh ideas and your own creativity.

Try a nostalgic mantel decorated with old family and childhood pictures, antique accessories, strung cranberries and popcorn laced throughout evergreen branches, candy canes, muted plaid ribbon, old-fashioned ornaments and a traditional Old World Santa, and hang mittens instead of Christmas stockings. Create an experience people will enjoy and they’ll linger, pausing for a second look.The glow of a candle’s flame draws us to the dining table and is the perfect option for a holiday centerpiece. It’s simple, graceful and attractive. Mismatch the shapes, height and character of the holders to create an inviting table setting. Candles placed on a mirror reflect light and add warmth to any celebration. Border the mirror with greenery and trim with gold, starry garland. Candleholders in silver and crystal create a stunning reflection and soften the silhouette cast by the candles glow. Shiny Christmas ornaments piled high in a clear glass bowl or pedestal cake plate catch the reflection and makes a spectacular centerpiece when paired with candles.

Celebrate the season’s magic by decorating with style, opening your doors to family and friends and sharing the warmth and spirit of the holidays, creating a meaningful, memorable and personalized Christmas.

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