Flower Photos to Bring Life and Good Vibes to Your Home

A beautifully decorated place can give a homey feeling and can be inspiring. With flowers, you can definitely achieve a pleasant atmosphere that can uplift the spirit, as along with their aesthetic, they have emotion-evoking and mood-elevating characteristics.

A study conducted by scientists at Rutgers University shows that flowers can positively affect persons' emotions, moods, and behaviors and that they can heighten life satisfaction. Some factors that contribute to those effects are their varying colors and distinctive designs.

However, it takes effort to maintain fresh flower decorations. Thankfully, you can also adorn your home with flowers through photos. So even if you don't have a green thumb or even just the time to tend to flowers, you can still have the advantage of having beautiful blossoms displayed at your home.

Research Findings on Flowers' Impact on People

The scientists at Rutgers University conducted a study for a period of 10 months, observing the behaviors and emotions of participants, both men and women belonging to different age groups, towards receiving flowers. It involved a series of tests with the objective of discovering the impact of flowers on people.

Evident when participants received flowers was the immediate impact the flowers had on happiness. The participants seemed surprised, genuinely happy, and appreciative upon receiving flowers.

Another observation was that flowers leave a lasting positive effect on persons' moods. Feelings of depression, anxiety, and agitation were lessened as reported by participants. And heightened life satisfaction was apparent among them.

Lastly, it was also found that flowers bring people closer into intimate connections. Through giving and receiving flowers, positive contact is invoked in relationships with others.

Much like being given flowers brings positive vibes to persons, giving a room flower decor can enrich its aura. Flowers displayed in a room can positively influence one's psychological state. The psychological effects of flowers may vary depending on their color and kind, so you have to choose accordingly as to what kind of ambiance you want to set in a room.

Flower Color Meanings and Effects

The colors of flowers, themselves, can be attention-grabbing. The splashes of color that flowers bring to our surroundings make a beautiful sight. Apart from being visually appealing, the colors of flowers are symbolic and can convey different messages.

Corresponding to their color, flowers have an emotional essence and are of deep meaning. There is, in fact, the age-old tradition of gifting flowers to special persons in our lives on special occasions like birthdays; anniversaries; Valentine's Day; and etc in celebration of those events or as an expression of sentiments towards those persons. When used as decorations, the flowers' attributes exude in a room, thus, inducing emotions and moods.

Each flower color has its own significance. For whatever vibe you wish to create in a room, there is an ideal color.

Perhaps you'd like a relaxing ambiance in the den; a motivational feel in the home office; a calming atmosphere in the bathroom; an air of repose in your bedroom or if you have a significant other with you, a romantic aura; and etc. You can find the perfect flower color for any mood you want to set in any room of your home. Below is a list of flower colors and what they mean.


Red is a powerful color. It can evoke strong feelings, such as love; desire; passion; high energy; strength; power; courage; and constancy.

And as the color red is typically associated with the heart, red flowers, usually a bouquet of red roses, make the perfect gift for your significant other. They would also be perfect for a lovers' bedroom because of their passionate characteristics that can set a romantic mood.

Red flowers may also represent beauty and respect.


Pink is another flower color for couples or for those in the stage of courtship. Having a lighter and softer color than the more vibrant; stronger-colored red flowers that embody great love, pink flowers can represent the blossoming of love that can grow beautifully in time with effort.

These promising flowers are the ideal gift for someone you are courting or have been involved in a new romantic relationship with. As decor in a room, they can arouse romance.

The lightness of pink flowers also gives it meanings of gentleness, delicacy, femininity, and grace. They may also mean happiness, joy, playfulness, youth, and innocence.


Symbolizing creativity, purple flowers can boost creative energies. They may also represent transitions of great significance in life.

With a color of royal roots, purple flowers may also emanate dignity; tradition; success; pride; and wealth. These regal flowers also are associated with spirituality.

The color purple also gives these flowers an enchanting; mysterious air because of the rarity of the color purple in nature, which is rather exotic. Purple also means elegance and can be an expression of admiration and adoration.


Often used in formal ceremonies for their elegant nature, white flowers have a simplistic beauty that can bring modest elegance befitting to those events. Also, they are notably common in weddings for their symbolisms of love so pure and thoughtful as well as unwavering fidelity. The plain, clean appearance of their color makes white flowers synonymous with purity, honesty, innocence, perfection, rebirth, new beginnings, and openness.

White flowers are perfect if you opt for a minimalist aesthetic with a touch of elegance.


As we can find the color green all around nature, it is natural that green flowers are associated with nature; being in harmony with nature; and abundance. And as spotting greens after the long; cold winter season is a sign that spring is coming, green flowers are also symbolic of new life; rebirth; renewal; youthfulness; and growth. Green flowers give a naturally refreshing feel and can also be calming, as they can bring about serenity and harmony.

Green flowers may also represent hope, prosperity, progress, good health, resilience, good fortune, fertility, and sincerity.


Yellow flowers are promoters of happiness and joy. Their brilliant color can help brighten one's day and bring positive energy to a room.

Another symbolism yellow flowers are widely known for is friendship, which makes them popular gifts for friends. A display of these friendly yellow flowers can encourage communication.

Yellow flowers can also be motivational and compelling, as they are also symbolic of optimism; energy; success; pride; and new beginnings. Amidst their radiance, yellow flowers also have a soft side with their meanings of warmth and compassion.


The color blue is actually the rarest color for flowers, so it gives flowers an otherworldly appeal. The extraordinary blue flowers have a reputation for being calming and being symbolic of trust.

With the coolness of their color, blue flowers can help you cool down. They can give off a relaxing vibe and relieve negative emotions and stress. And same as the blue ocean and the blue sky, which are constants of the earth, blue flowers convey dependability and trustworthiness.

Moreover, common representations of blue flowers are tranquility; peace; honesty; loyalty; openness; and sympathy.


As a combination of the colors red and yellow, orange obtained the characteristics of high energy from red and happiness from yellow. Thus, orange flowers can give a boost of energy and brighten up the spirit with its bold; vibrant; orange color. They can work wonders for those who want to feel energized and for those who are feeling down.

Orange flowers are adventurous and may also signify enthusiasm, excitement, endless possibilities, optimism, determination, and success. They are also warm, amicable flowers that can stimulate socialization.

The Different Moods Different Flowers Can Bring

Each kind of flower, with their own distinct characteristics, have something different to offer. When placed in a room for display, their attributes can transcend into the ambiance of the room and make an impact on our psyche. Below, you can find the different kinds of flowers and the moods they can bring out.

Roses are a popular classic. They symbolize love, romance, security, fidelity, and friendship and convey new beginnings, promise, and hope. According to a study in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, they have de-stressing and relaxing effects.

Water lilies floating on water produce a calming feeling. The softly flowing; calm water they thrive afloat on, itself, evokes a mood of serenity. It's likewise for these "jewels of the pond" going with the flow of the gentle waters of ponds and lakes to give off that mood as well.

Orchids, being of tropical nature, have an exotic appeal, and with their wispy; free-flowing appearance, they seem modern; artistic; and oriental. They can bring cheer for all seasons with their vibrant elegance available all year round as well as give a boost of positive energy. They symbolize love, beauty, strength, and luxury.

Gerbera daisies are vibrant, cheery flowers in colors ranging from yellow, orange, red, pink, and also white. They can remind you of childhood and can trigger feelings of cheeriness, whimsy, and contentment.

Tulips are bright, cheery-colored flowers with modest beauty that can perk up one's mood. Their blossoming during springtime associates them to accepting warmth and new beginnings. The symbolisms of tulips are happiness, youthfulness, and tradition.

Birds of paradise, possessing bright orange and blue colors and resembling the shape of a tropical bird in flight, are the quintessential tropical flowers, which makes them exotic. When they bloom, each petal unfolds, revealing their distinguishable shape, and that gives them the meanings of anticipation and excitement. They're commonly associated with joy; paradise; and freedom, but they can also be romantic with their other meanings of faithfulness; love; and thoughtfulness.

Rhododendrons are elegant flowers that signify wealth and abundance. They are also passionate, with their message of love and desire. These flowers are also an embodiment of care.

Lacecap Hydrangeas are a kind of hydrangeas that bloom in gorgeous, natural arrangements composed of clusters of tiny flowers at the center encompassed by large ornamental flowers. These flowers represent humility, as they have only a few ornamental flowers that appear to enframe the tiny blooms.

Dahlias are graceful flowers with a unique beauty that can withstand and thrive in difficult conditions. That explains why their common symbolisms include grace, standing out, and inner strength. They can also mean positive life change, constant kindness, and a balance between adventure and relaxation.

Calla lilies convey youth, rebirth, and renewal since they bloom in spring. They also represent overcoming challenges, for even when they are cut and placed in a vase, they can still regrow and even withstand frost. Other common symbolisms of calla lilies are holiness, faith, and purity.

Flowers are remarkable, natural decorations of nature with beautiful meanings. But as attractive and meaningful as they may be, most of them may not always be available at all times of the year, and caring for plants isn't for everybody. Through photos, you can effortlessly have any flower you like whatever the season.

Photos of flowers can be as stunning and can set the mood in a room just as the real flowers. A diverse compilation of photos of flowers with varying colors, designs, and meanings can be found on www.premierphotographer.com, where you can select the perfect ones for decorating your home.