If You're a Fan of Horses, You Might Also Like These Horse Photos

Horses truly are magnificent creatures. They have a striking elegance yet have great strength and power, which makes them so admirable. They were even highly regarded since ancient times until present: from their roles of being essential in early human cultures centered in possession of horses; being aids in agriculture, herding, transportation, and etc; being a status symbol in ancient Greece; being mighty companions in war until World War II; to being used in the highly-anticipated horse racing and in the enjoyable horseback riding.

If you, yourself, admire horses, you can incorporate them in your home as decor through photos. Photos of horses, especially for those who are fond of horses, would make great additions to the home's interior design. It can add aesthetic and a personal touch.

Why Horses Are so Lovable

Do you agree that riding a horse can be thrilling? Do you have an interest in horses? Are horses close to your heart?

There's no doubt that many can affirm with those questions above. Our fascination for horses has even been depicted in movies, literature, and art.

In ancient Greece, horses were even status symbols, that being a horseman was a requirement for kings; generals; and statesmen. And the horses' influence, with their image of nobility having been companions to royalty; noblemen; and warriors, is evident in the English language, particularly in terms such as chivalry and cavalier that connote honor; respect; valor; courage; good manners; and straightforwardness.

These fascinating animals have been dependable for the important roles they earned as they have become domesticated animals since 6,000 years ago. They have helped in plowing fields and bringing in harvest; tracking cattle; carrying things; transportation; providing recreational activities like tournaments, jousts, carousels, and riding; and even in carrying warriors and weapons in warfare.

Other purposes they served to humans are for food and for keeping as pets. In modern times, they're used mostly for entertainment; sports; and recreational activities. They, indeed, are enjoyable to watch and not to mention the fun of riding them brings.

One of the reasons behind our fascination with horses, especially for those fond of riding them, has something to do with their difference to us in strength and power. Despite how we don't have great strength and power as the horses, we can ride on them and let them do as we order, which can be empowering. Other wonderful feelings we can get from riding a horse are the feelings of excitement and freedom, that we can just enjoy the moment as we can freely ride the horse with the wind blowing our hair.

Even for those who haven't experienced riding a horse, we can agree that just the sight of these glorious animals galloping around, moving so swiftly yet so gracefully, while their mane and tail fly with the wind can be astounding. Even just their exquisite appearance is rather stunning, with their fine hair coating their body; long, lustrous mane and tail; lean, muscular figure; and tall stature.

The amusing things about horses don't end here. Apart from their powerfulness; speed; beauty; and grace, they also hold symbolisms that add to their appeal.

As horses have become part of different cultures and beliefs, they have varying symbolisms according to their respective origins. Also, there are several different breeds of horses, and they, too, can vary in symbolisms. However, horses do hold the universal symbol of freedom without restraint, as when people ride on them, they give a feeling of freedom for the riders as though there is nothing holding them back.

Moreover, horses can also bring many benefits to people. Even those who don't own horses can benefit from them, as there are horse stables that accept grounds volunteers as well as offer riding lessons and trail rides.

When you spend time with a horse, whether you're caring for it; taking it out for a ride; or etc, you can have a feeling of closeness with them. It's because like humans, they are social by nature, and their herd dynamics are similar to us, humans' family system, that when people bond with them, horses would build relationships with those people, treating them as one of their herd. We can find friendship that is like family in horses.

Another benefit we can get from spending time with horses is that they can be de-stressors. Same as how dogs and cats kept as pets can help reduce stress, horses, too, have a calming effect on people. When you're feeling tense, you can just go visit a horse and do some activities with it, and your stress will fade away.

Horses can also be therapeutic. There is actually something called equine therapy, which involves activities like feeding; grooming; tethering; walking; and riding a horse with the supervision of a licensed therapist and the help of a horse professional. Undergoing equine therapy helps improve psychological health and has been effective in the treatment of mood disorders, behavior disorders, eating disorders, ADD/ADHD, learning differences, autism, and etc.

Photographs of Horses Would Make Great Decorations

Especially if you love horses, whatever may be the reason behind your love for horses is, photos of horses would be perfect for decorating your home. Whether you have always been fascinated by their beauty; relate with their symbolism; find horseback riding an enjoyable experience; appreciate how they bring relief from stress; or benefit from their therapeutic effects, photos of horses are decorative items that can hit close to home.

You can express your feelings and thoughts about horses by decorating your home with horse photos. There's no reason why not. You can go toward the direction of self-expression in the interior design of your home, which can showcase your passion for horses and your own personality.

Photos of horses can also be nostalgic. Perhaps they can bring back great memories of riding a horse or maybe a wonderful experience of encountering one.

Horses are one of God's beautiful works of art and when captured in man's art of photography, it results in striking images that are worthy of being displayed. With the horses' beauty and gracefulness along with the sense of power; freedom; and excitement that they can evoke, pictures of these equine beauties, especially when taken by a skilled photographer, can help make a fabulous statement for your home's interior.

The horses that have galloped their way into our hearts can also make their way into our homes through photos. And there are plenty of splendid photos of horses available on www.premierephotographer.com that may have a spot to be placed on in your home.