Photos of Cats and Kittens That Can Brighten Your Day

With their big, bright, gleaming eyes; cute, little noses; oversized, pointed ears; and their soft, furry coats that make them pleasant to touch, cats and kittens are just so adorable. Just seeing them can make you go "Aaaw" and want to pet them. And they're also quite amusing, as they tend to get into funny situations out of their curiosity.

Their charm that draws much attention to them is one of the things that make them great pets. It also makes them wonderful subjects of photography. Here on this page, you can find lovely pictures of cats and kittens.

What Makes Cats and Kittens so Lovable

Cats, with the scientific name, Felis Catus and common name, domestic cat belong to the family Felidae, wherein they are the only domestic species. It was the cats' predation of rodents that primarily led to their domestication, which began in the Neolithic period. This hunting behavior of the cats was favored by farmers, as rodents were a big problem to the farmers since rodents would cause damage to crops, and that developed a mutually beneficial relationship between cats and humans.

In ancient Egypt, where scorpions and snakes whose poisonous bite can be painful and even deadly and rodents who spoiled stored grains and are carriers of disease lurked everywhere, cats were highly regarded, for they protected ancient Egypt from those vermins. Cats saved people from the dangers those vermins posed such as disease and starvation. And as cats served as protectors in ancient Egypt, cats were considered sacred, and ancient Egyptians worshipped goddesses who take a half woman half cat form namely Mafdet and Bastet.

In these modern times, cats are one of the most common and popular animals to have as pets. They're so popular, that they have even taken over social media. We would occasionally encounter cute photos and funny memes of them on social media that have gone viral coming from cat and kitten-loving accounts that have earned multitudes of followers.

It's easy to see how cats and kittens are so lovable. There are many reasons to love them apart from the fact that they can eliminate rodents in our homes.

They look so adorable, that just looking at them can warm your heart. These adorable furballs actually have 71 breeds according to The International Cat Association. And each breed has its own distinctive beauty.

Another thing that makes them so lovable is that they're so soft and cuddly. You could just chill with them on the couch and snuggle with them and pet them.

It's also quite fun to hang out with them. They can be funny and are fun to play with. They are companions to humans that we often consider to be furry members of the family that can bring joy to our home.

Moreover, cats have impressive characteristics and behaviors. Looking into these characteristics and behaviors of theirs, you can see that they're also pretty cool.

Cats and kittens are nice to have as darling pets to welcome in our home and to take care of, but cats are really independent by nature. Even when kept as pets, they have the innate behavior of hunting for their own food, they can clean themselves, they often go out of the house venturing on their own, and they even have the ability of self-healing through their purring sound which has a frequency of 35 to 150 Hertz that helps in the growth and repair of muscles and bones. Nevertheless, they can also be social creatures and tend show affection to the humans who have adopted them and to other domestic animals around them.

In relation to the aforementioned characteristics and behaviors of cats, as spirit animals, their symbolisms, according to, are:

● Patience, waiting for the right moment to act

● Independence, yet enjoying social connections

● Spirit of adventure, courage

● Deep, relaxed connection with self

● Healing from the inside out

● Curiosity, exploration of the unknown or the unconscious

Not Only Adorable Pets but Adorable Decor Too

For us owners of cats and kittens, just seeing our beloved pet cats and kittens can be de-stressing. They can give a warm feeling and at times, be playful with you upon seeing you. Pictures of cats and kittens can also evoke such emotions.

If you want to have a design that gives a calming, heartwarming, cheery, or playful vibe, pictures of cats and kittens would be recommendable. Whether at home, at your office, or even as a background picture for your gadgets, pictures of cats and kittens would be perfect to have for display, especially for cat lovers.

Seeing pictures of cats and kittens on the wall can be as delightful as when your cute, furry, feline friend comes to you and greets you. Just as how wonderful having cats and kittens as pets can be, pictures of cats and kittens would be great to have as a design.

Pictures of cats and kittens sure can add a cute aesthetic to a room. They are eye candy once you catch sight of them. In addition, they can also give off pleasant feelings as decor that can enhance a room's design and influence the aura of a room.

You can also use them to express your fondness for them. Or they may also serve as inspiration with the meaningfulness of the symbolisms of the cat.

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