Pregnancy Photography - Tips For The Belly!

by Heather Hart

These tips have been provided by Heather Hart of A La Mode Photo who specializes in natural environment, pregnancy, family and pet photography.

1. Find a friend.

Since you are the model, you need someone who has a few hours to dedicate to you and your Belly!

2. Try using a camera with real film and not digital. Go to a camera store and ask for professional black and white film - avoid going to the local market or drugstore for your film - there is a big difference! Ask for 125 speed film - there is less grain. And everyone always looks so much better in black and white - try it, you may like it!

3. Wear natural make-up - a little base and accent your eyes! Since you're shooting outdoors, keep it light!

4. Choose a place outside! A local park with trees always works nicely. Make sure that the background where you are shooting is also nice. Be careful of trash cans and other items in the background that might detract from your focus.

5. Go to a local fabric store and buy 6 yards of chiffon material. Black, grey, white - any color is fine! Use this to wrap around you and make a great skirt. This will accentuate your Belly just perfectly! Bring safety pins - they will be your new best friend.

About The Author

Heather Hart has been intrigued with black and white photography since childhood. Through her educational and life experiences, her distinct vision was created. Heather's company, A La Mode Photo, is based in Santa Monica and has clients travel for shoots from around the country to meet her vision. She now shoots on a regular basis in San Francisco and Orange County so that all Californians, north and south, can experience her great energy!