Today, many people have a water feature trickling in their backyard or even inside their homes. There is something about being near water that refreshes us, even beckons us towards it. Waterfalls are nature’s water feature. The sound of one bubbling down cliffs brings a feeling of tranquility. People hike to find them, and then sit to watch and listen for hours on end. It is a magical, almost supernatural experience to be in the presence of moving water.

However, the rush of hundreds of thousands of gallons of water spilling over tall cliffs from the Niagara River is more like a heart-pounding experience. The roar fills your ears and, if you stand close enough, the sprays slap across your face. From both the Canadian side and the United States side, thousands upon thousands of tourists flock to Niagara Falls each year to experience the majesty. Many pay hard earned money to ride in boats that get as close to the swirling, tumbling water as possible. Others wander up the trails and lean over the railings. Getting soaked in the process is part of the fun.

On the American side are the Bridal Falls, so named because the water resembles a white veil. On the Canadian side, the curved shaped Horseshoe Falls can be better seen. And at night, both of the falls that tumble from the Niagara River are lit up in a rainbow of backlights which highlight their beauty. The scene is unforgettably spectacular.

People come to Niagara for their honeymoons, but also for family vacations. All over the world, if shown the picture of the Niagara Falls, people know exactly what they are. They are also one of the most photographed sites in the world. So many movies and commercials have been filmed there. It doesn’t matter if you have been to Niagara Falls or not, an excellent photograph of them can enhance your living room of den’s décor. From modern to traditional design, or from Zen to tropical, these waterfalls make an excellent feature for your walls. We humans relate to water because we can’t exist without it.

In fact, our bodies are mostly water, so maybe there is some almost primeval spiritual connection. Put an artistic photograph of Niagara Falls on your wall and see how many of your friends are drawn to it.

Viewing artistically beautiful images of Niagara in color, or in black and white, can soothe yet stimulate the senses. Because the water is constantly moving, every shot, though recognizable, is unique. Some capture rainbows as the sun bears down on the rushing gallons of water cascading over the cliffs. Others, in one click, catch the majestic power and suspend it for all time. Pat McNulty, a professional artistic photographer, has several excellent images of waterfalls, and Niagara in particular, on his website at